Oral Disease is Systemic

Today's healthcare environment is rapidly changing. The status quo is no longer acceptable as healthcare providers and organizations strive to improve ways to deliver healthcare more efficiently and effectively using up-to-date, evidence-based practice.

With conclusive scientific evidence of the oral-systemic link, it is critical that healthcare practitioners and institutions raise their awareness and take action to effectively address the oral link to systemic health in caring for their clients. No longer is it acceptable to minimize or ignore the inflammatory burden and bacterial load that is placed on the overall health of the body by oral disease.

Building stronger collaborative healthcare partnerships between medical and dental professionals, and finding innovative approaches to address oral disease in our clients, is needed now! New clinicians are currently being trained in interprofessional collaborative healthcare practice and will be ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Current practitioners and institutions must step up to this change in the healthcare process or be left behind in past philosophies that are obsolete.

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