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Sandra DeVitaSandra DeVita, RDH, RN, BSN – Founder/Owner

Sandra received her Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene from the University of New Mexico in 1981.  After living throughout the US and Germany as a military spouse, Sandra received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Auburn University Montgomery in 2000 and moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area where her family resides.  She has worked in hospital nursing for several years and subsequently transitioned back to the dental profession with over 25 years combined experience.  Since returning to the dental profession, Sandra has integrated her nursing education and experience to improve care of the patients she serves.  Sandra is passionate about finding ways to share her dental and medical expertise to improve healthcare delivery, practice, and most importantly, outcomes.

Oral-Systemic Connections, LLC is a culmination of her passion and concern for all patients, with particular emphasis on those at risk due to compromised health.  Sandra believes that all healthcare providers and institutions must work collaboratively to effectively improve outcomes in healthcare practice and delivery.  Addressing oral disease with its link to systemic health is based on sound scientific evidence and should be implemented in all aspects of healthcare today.

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